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Not Pretentious but Subtle, yet Beautiful

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Was it a dream? I opened my eyes, half intoxicated by the seemingly supernatural power engulfing me. My eyes could not be deceiving me.There I was, standing outside this beautiful enchanting door towering before me, a strange, eerie but mystifying melody bewitching my ears. The only other thing that fell upon my ears was a soft muffled whisper, “My child!”, seemingly insignificant, though enough to lure me to take a step and enter. I subconsciously lifted my foot and the magnificent gate creaked open revealing a breath-taking scene -an endless road stretching to infinity surrounded by nothing but greenery.

I could decide to halt there for eternity beside the rusty parking sign but my intuition told me to let go of all my fears and anxieties, take a risk and set foot in that world of fantasy. I followed my sixth sense, lifted my dress and went ahead. Suddenly as quick as the wink of an eye, the great gate slammed shut, trapping me between the door I would never be able to get across and the unknown. So I walked. I walked down that long, long road in that surreal world. I walked for hours; I walked for days. Days turned to months and months to years.

Then it dawned upon me- the most excruciating realization- this was not a dream. This was life.

I decided I would put an end to this atrocity right away and turned around to sprint back to the place it all started. And to my utter shock, the path behind me had vanished. All that was left was an impenetrable wall. There was another thing I hadn’t noticed before-a note. My fingers trembling, I picked up the note but dropped it immediately. The message was too ghastly for words.

I broke into a run- hysterical, wild and frantic the flowers along the road had turned to thorns and every step I took left my body severely bruised.

Suddenly, I heard it again- the same melodious whisper which had beguiled me to commit this unforgivable blunder. “My child, this is your test. Life is not a punishment. Live it to your fullest.” I soon realised that it was my perspective towards life that had reduced those flowers to thorns. What I had not understood was that I had been suddenly enlightened with a sense of maturity. I made a commitment to myself to reach that little ray of light that I could see at the very end of the path I was standing on. Life was the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to me. I vowed to defy all odds and reach my destiny, my ultimate destination on the path of life- that little ray of light that lit a ray of hope in my heart every time I imagined it. And then the unexpected happened- the message on the little note of paper surprisingly seemed marvellous.

Life is not a bed of roses,
The one who lose hope is the one who loses …..

Not pretentious but subtle, yet beautiful.

This is the story of my mother’s life, the one to whom I dedicate my story for she is the one who enlightened my ignorant soul and gave me hope and happiness while I was waiting in my wings.

8 thoughts on “Not Pretentious but Subtle, yet Beautiful”

  1. Wow, such an articulate piece of work. It is amazing narrative inspiring one to be careful while being hopeful of the future.

    When do we see more from you!!


  2. When you set out to seek adventure, adventure often comes looking for you. Did you notice it in this picture too? Down the road in the distance, there is a headlight glowing… someone is headed this way.


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