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A Most Peculiar Nest

The nest facing my balcony.

Hello everyone! For many days I have been observing crows building this wacky nest made of cloth hangers right in front of my balcony. It is such a delight to watch the crows making rounds to feed their little ones. Occasionally, I get to spot their pinkish- reddish throats. Crows may not be the prettiest of the birds but they are the smartest πŸ™‚

Here’s a limerick inspired by the nest. Tell me if you have ever seen a more peculiar nest in the comments.

One day Linda was feeling low
For she had two hangers and her friend had four.
So she stole them and hid them away,
In her balcony where she stacked the hay.
But when she returned she found a crow!

The crow flies to find food.

13 thoughts on “A Most Peculiar Nest”

  1. There was an old tailor of Est,
    Who lived in a ramshackle nest,
    Made out of his hair,
    He’d plucked in despair,
    This despairing tailor of Est.

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  2. I am glad you took a photo. It would be hard to believe that a nest could be built to last that way. Great post. Can you post a picture this winter of it to get a good view of it without the surrounding leaves?

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    1. Thank you for appreciating my post ma’am!☺️ I surely will if the leaves fall off this year. They don’t do so every year here. I am sorry for the late reply. Had been inactive for a long time.

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