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Teddy Bears and Truck Drivers

This is a story that was inspired by my sister’s homework. It isn’t a bad story. Would have been better if it made a tad bit of sense (to me). 😊 Here it goes…

What if a country was run by …?


It was midnight when the police officer received a call for a new assignment. The President had called to report a kidnapping. The police officer was annoyed. “The government and their theatrics,” he thought. It was pestering because Jerry was so close to fooling Tom and taking the treasure and he had no intention of turning off the television. And also because he had never been on a case where he’d been assigned to locate and return a kidnapped teddy bear and he thought he was quite incapable of the same. “That’s out of my range.” he finally decided.

But being in the bad books of the President was definitely not what he needed. A word from Mr. President was an order. So he got up to dress in his best ironed-uniform , sauntered to the shoe rack and took out his shoes. Shoe. (The other had been replaced by a bottle of ketchup.) Then he proceeded to replace his shoe in the refrigerator with the bottle and heat his shoe before the fire so that it could be warmer when he went out into the snow outside.

He decided as he took out his motorcycle that he would teach his darling girl where to keep the ketchup as soon as he was home. Kissing her goodnight, he got past the parking lot onto the pavement and nearly missed running over the cat to which the girl exclaimed,” Oh Father! Do mind my little lion,” and set off in search of clues.

“What better place to find them than the truck driver’s?” he thought. The driver was his informer. He had this inexplicable ability of innocently finding his nose where it was most unwanted which made him a very resourceful man. Interviewing him made the whole investigation process a piece of cake. The icing on the cake was his quality of being an insufferable gossiper. But the cherry on top was that he always had a nice meal ready any time of the day. In short, he was the ideal friend.

When the officer arrived at the house he was greeted by the driver’s little boy. “Where is Bindia? I didn’t see her in class today.” He inquired about the officer’s daughter.
“She’s sleeping, you should too,” he said politely.
“I can’t when old men ring up and appear at the doorstep at midnight.” He grinned. “Besides my baby sister is still awake.” His face had suddenly turned dark.

The officer marched into the house and had to duck as a book almost flew onto his head from above. He looked up to find the baby clapping delightfully.
He met his old friend finally and settled down at ease. He had interviewed him for quite some time and it was only when morning had nearly arrived that he decided to jump to the important questions.
“Did you hear that the President’s teddy bear has been kidnapped?
“Oh yes! And you would not believe that I received a mail incorrectly delivered to me. Why me?!” He shrugged in that usual all knowing fashion that was characteristic to him.

Taking him outside to the mailbox, he handed him the mail which read-
Please forward to the President,
Sir there is nothing you can do now. It’s too late. I feel cheated. Don’t come looking for your childhood buddy. What have I done to you too deserve this treatment? I was there for you to cuddle when your mom and dad were not at home. I gave you emotional security! If this is how you repay me by ignoring me now then I will too. It’s been two whole days since you haven’t played with me! I have left in search of a better owner. I have been borrowing vehicles to take me away. Don’t press criminal charges against me now. The owners will find their vehicles in due course of time.
You can’t find me.

Your dear old friend,


“Quick to my bike! ” The officer exclaimed.
Too bad, the bike was gone. Running to the road outside,the men were just in time to catch a glimpse of the outline of his motorbike in the distance.
“That devil!” the policeman exclaimed as the sound of the computer crashing down the table came from the house. The baby had found something to throw off the stairs again.


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