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Au revoir 2020 (hoping we never meet again)

The darkness of winter awaits the spring. A lone bird waits to take flight at the opportune moment.
I watch it with eager eyes from my bedroom window.

2020 has been quite an eventful year for not just me, but everyone. It is the year which will be spoken of often in times to come with quite a mixed bag of emotions. Some may
look back with sorrow, regret or indifference. We do not know what the future will think of us or our struggles of this year.

I have mixed emotions about the year that has crawled by. 2020 is the year of everything gone wrong, they say. I would take the risk of disagreeing.
Yes, definitely the year has challenged us mentally and physically. However, we must acknowledge the plethora of opportunities it has opened for us. Students have been given an added bonus of saving travel time by staying at home and attending classes online. Many have been given twenty-four hours to stay beside our families. It is not all bad.

But coming to the bad, I believe I’d get more support here. Unanimously it can be said that 2020 has been a most stifling period. Our living generation is brave enough to have seen it. The more unfortunate of us have been through a lot. The year has been mentally and physically taxing. We can only hope that the new ‘normal’ does not permeate into the normal ‘normal’ for as long as we humans walk the earth. To hope it does not persist in the new year would be implausible, seeing the current scenario.

The year has taught us a lot, patience being an unmissable teaching. Repeatedly washing our hands, sanitizing ourselves, quarantining guests, isolating or washing groceries, maintaining social distancing norms most importantly, waiting for the year to pass have taught us the art of waiting. This art had been forgotten in the fast-moving modern world where everything is served on a platter.

But not anymore. It may seem that 2020 has been a horrible nightmare from which we desperately waited to wake from. However the truth is that our lives up till now had been a wonderful daydream we needed to wake up from. Mankind has been taught to be considerate and self reliant by the virus.
But the only question is how long they can retain the newly taught concept in this seemingly precarious future.
Au revoir 2020. (They say history repeats itself.) But I think we’ll be safe until someone builds a time machine.

10 thoughts on “Au revoir 2020 (hoping we never meet again)”

  1. Bitter sweet truth spoken, this year has definitely helped many of us reflect upon themselves and pursue something we were earlier not familiar with or so connected to.

    Written with perspective, keep it up šŸ‘

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