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The World Book of (Student Crime) Records

Subject name – N1a2n3d4i5k6a7 1B2a3n4s5a6l7

Age- Still a teen

Inmate number- 7777777

Subject particulars- Strong personality. An ambivert. Morbid sense of humour. Overthinker by profession.

Reason for detention- Suspected in heading the planning of the student procrastination week.

Subject interests- Everything offbeat. Likes to write balderdash literature (sometimes philosophical) Will sit down for a friendly debate. Loves to dance and skip and cycle. Likes long road trips or walks midst nature. Photography. Birds, trees, flowers and stars and spring. Mathematics and any sort of literature. Freedom!

Subject dislikes- Plagiarists and other nutheads. Dictatorship.

Date of release- When the wind changes