Teddy Bears and Truck Drivers

This is a story that was inspired by my sister's homework. It isn't a bad story. Would have been better if it made a tad bit of sense (to me). 😊 Here it goes... What if a country was run by ...? *** It was midnight when the police officer received a call for a… Continue reading Teddy Bears and Truck Drivers

Happy Chess Day!

Hello there! I have been away for some now. I am sorry for no being able to read some of your posts but I will try my best to catch up. 😊 Stay safe everyone!   Today I am sharing an old post of mine. I thought it would be apt for International Chess Day… Continue reading Happy Chess Day!

The Curious Case of the Heinous Cellotape #2

You can read the first part of my story here. "Are you sure you can't fix my ribs?",said Ignyor. "Maybe I could with magic when I was alive. I am a sorcerer not a doctor," Soxsmill scoffed. " I see. I had this illness," the guardian continued frowning. "I can't remember the name. "But the… Continue reading The Curious Case of the Heinous Cellotape #2