My Small World

Mom, my little sister and me.

Clichés please take a bow – it’s Mothers Day and again we are going to flood social media with ‘Oh my mom’ messages.
This lock-down has given me unlimited time at home probably the highest in my life till now. (Not considering the time when my mom had the pleasure of raising me as a baby because I don’t remember much of it, though she retorts it was more of a pain and I don’t understand why 😝 )
When we were growing up, mom used to sit with us and enjoy watching princess movies. Time has turned the tables- as she grows we sit with her as we watch ‘our’ movies. What a pleasure it is – educating mom ….

Sample this – as me and my sister treat ourselves to favourite Avengers, she risks to sit with us. What starts then is epic ; her love for literature hinders her understanding as she gets lost between alliteration of Thor and Thanos …
“Who is this guy?”

“Mom, he is Thor.”

“But you said he is the bad guy.”

“No, that was Thanos.”

“How are these guys defying gravity?”

“How is he so agile if Captain America is so old?”

“Why does he have an iron heart?”

“Why can’t the Batman speak audibly?”

“Why is Frodo carrying the ring?”

“Arwen and Eowyn sound the same.”

So on and so forth….
She understands Shakespeare, trigonometry, and biology but she can’t understand how Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk are the same person.😅 How precious these cute moments are!

The best part about her is her predictability. She fails to see how we know what’s coming up. Her most favourite dialogues as she screams around looking at us wickedly, annoyingly, exhaustedly, exasperatedly as we refuse to change ourselves👻
“What has happened to your room?”

“How many times am I supposed to tell you to put your things in place!”
“Look at your wardrobe – how do you even manage to find things here”
“I am not going to be there with you always, God knows what will be come of you😣!”
“Stop back answering – is that what I have taught you?”
“When, for heavens sake, will you start valuing time🙄!”
“Don’t be mean to your little sister. (little, seriously?😬 )
“How do you look for your things – it is lying right in front of you😠 ”
“When will you start being a help in the kitchen – you ought to learn few basic things.”
It is these and such countless moments with her that makes our lives. Her rantings, her scoldings are constant reminders to me that in this vast world, there is a soul who loves me to the core, someone who embraces me with all my faults, someone who loves my imperfections, someone who lights the dark path ahead of me…

Her tingling laughter, her infectious smile, the ruffling of her dress, her never-say-die attitude(she`s an IBD patient), her very presence around us is enchanting; she is like a wise old owl, she is like the elf who creeps in the dark night to save the cobbler from his miseries, she is like that fairy godmother who grants wishes with the flick of her wand, she is the cool hand on my sweaty brow, she is MY MOTHER……

I usually refrain myself from writing anything on Mother’s Day not because I don’t want to but because I think it won’t be enough.

Happy Mother’s day!🌈

15 thoughts on “My Small World”

  1. Beautiful! Indeed this lockdown has given us precious time with our families…I too always feel any of my actions on mother’s day aren’t enough (mom deserves what cannot be described with words)
    Looking beautiful as always in the picture, you, your mom and your sis! 🙂

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  2. Thank you sweetie for penning your thoughts on Mother’s Day… I am really amazed by your ‘kind words’ 😅…. I will try to rephrase my sayings so that I do not become predictable 😊 and now I can tell the difference between Thor and Thanos – I am a quick learner 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Man this was so relatable! Mothers are beautiful inside and out ❤️
    I don’t blame her completely……I get real confused between Thor and Thanos lol. No wonder we share the same name🙂


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