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A Night to Remember

"There's an old spirit that occupies the mansion down the Hopperfily lane. Don't even look up at the house or you will be possessed by that bloodthirsty ghost who had been wronged in his youth, being throttled to death by a friend in order to seize the mansion. The friend died soon after since the… Continue reading A Night to Remember

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*Ding Dong* "New arrival. Please proceed to the nearest entrance on your left." He opened his eyes and followed the instructions. The entrance led to a crowd of grey haired fellows carrying around baskets as swiftly as teens. An old woman in a baseball hat and an intimidating shade of lipstick approached him. "Newbie, here's… Continue reading Overkilled

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It’s Called Exaggeration.

"I had frozen in trepidation. She was standing before me her dark eyes watching silently. They were hollow. The black around her eyes smudged till her eyebrows. The red around her mouth dripping till the chin though her teeth were perfectly pearly white. Her thin arms were stretched away from her waist and the same… Continue reading It’s Called Exaggeration.

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The Curious Case of the Heinous Cellotape #2

You can read the first part of my story here. "Are you sure you can't fix my ribs?",said Ignyor. "Maybe I could with magic when I was alive. I am a sorcerer not a doctor," Soxsmill scoffed. " I see. I had this illness," the guardian continued frowning. "I can't remember the name. "But the… Continue reading The Curious Case of the Heinous Cellotape #2

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The Curious Case of the Heinous Cellotape #1

"If this is heaven I dislike it." "Welcome to hell! We meet again!" Said the old man. "I am the guardian of hell. Here are your chains. You will be wise enough to put them on." "So my curse has taken effect?" Said the sorcerer. "No it was a blessing. My curse has taken effect.… Continue reading The Curious Case of the Heinous Cellotape #1

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Not Pretentious but Subtle, yet Beautiful

Was it a dream? I opened my eyes, half intoxicated by the seemingly supernatural power engulfing me. My eyes could not be deceiving me.There I was, standing outside this beautiful enchanting door towering before me, a strange, eerie but mystifying melody bewitching my ears. The only other thing that fell upon my ears was a… Continue reading Not Pretentious but Subtle, yet Beautiful