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I enjoy watching the windmills. They look so surreal and calming. Sometimes when I am unable to sleep, I think about  them rotating pensively, and I close my eyes to be taken many miles away in my car passing by the windmills, which generously blow me a kiss that ruffles my hair through the open… Continue reading Windmills

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. . . Magical Elves

I am a simple shoemaker Tired, I sleep in the night Waiting for dawn To behold a marvelous sight. My shoes are polished My table is cleared My bag is packed The bits of paper disappeared. My alarm is dismissed (Though it did not wake me) My lost pencil is found My uniform is laid… Continue reading . . . Magical Elves

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A Most Peculiar Nest

Hello everyone! For many days I have been observing crows building this wacky nest made of cloth hangers right in front of my balcony. It is such a delight to watch the crows making rounds to feed their little ones. Occasionally, I get to spot their pinkish- reddish throats. Crows may not be the prettiest… Continue reading A Most Peculiar Nest