Howdy Partners

Well, they say it isn’t right to dwell in the past but here I am. Yesterday was English Language Day. And also my bestie’s birthday.(Hear me bestie? Happy birthday again. No, happy belated birthday!)

Apparently my buddy is lucky enough to have the same birthday as Mr. Shakespeare! We owe this guy for quite a lot of words and phrases we use today.

The past two days have been eventful. Here is the proof:)

And also this:)

It is hard to believe that two years went by so quickly. It seems only yesterday that I started a blog with the help of my English teacher along with many other school friends. Thank you sir!

To all my school fellas, followers and this rocking WordPress community, keep writing! There are so many I want to shout out to but the list is endless. And thank you for reading and joining in the conversation!

34 thoughts on “Howdy Partners”

  1. Congratulations! You have a long way to go 😊 What a pleasing coincidence that everything’s come at almost the same time- your marvelous journey of 2 years, achieving your milestone and the Bard’s birthday πŸ˜„β€πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

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  2. Poncho did not know which way to go. There was a stream in the distance, but that was too far east. He knew that the pink bag held only two more apples, and that would run out in less than a week. He wanted to follow the trail that led into the forest, but he knew he would not find Ōishi there. The only chance he might have lay to the south. And he had already seen what happens to people when they travel south.

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    1. “The directions have failed me,” thought Poncho. I can go neither left, right, forward or backward. The North, South, East, West and all the directions in between won’t lead me there. I would either die of thirst and hunger or will be killed by forces. I wonder…” Poncho stared at the soil he stood on. He still had one card to play. A detour might save him. But he had to make it fast.
      Ōishi rolled her eyes. “You are the first one to arrive. I gave my word that I would choose the first man who finds me. But you do not give me any hope. Why are you dressed like that?”
      “I can explain! You see ma’am, I had no choice. The only way was underground,” answered Poncho. The poor man in clothes soiled with mud and sand needed food and water.
      Ōishi answered, ” I do appreciate your quick labour but there is one flaw that impels me to find a better suitor.”
      “What can that be?”
      “Why didn’t you just disapparate?”

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