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The Curious Case of the Heinous Cellotape #2

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You can read the first part of my story here.

“Are you sure you can’t fix my ribs?”,said Ignyor.

“Maybe I could with magic when I was alive. I am a sorcerer not a doctor,” Soxsmill scoffed.

” I see. I had this illness,” the guardian continued frowning. “I can’t remember the name. “But the people of my village cast me out and left me to die with the dragon of Brokenjaw. They feared catching it too. I thought it’ll leave once I come here but my ribs… Speaking of which, where are your death marks?”

“Oh!”, the sorcerer said sheepishly. “Limbs reattach after death.”

“Now you’re talking!” Ignyor grinned. “Tell me. Tell me!”

“Alright sir. As I was saying, after Bill made me swear to restore his fingers by making me plant an almond tree and promise to gift him all its almonds for his garden; he promised to help me find the lost peanut in return. So we set out on a quest!” He raised his eyebrows dramatically. “But before that we had one obnoxious task. We had to stop by Buckey’s for only he knew what he had done with the peanut.

The visit was not the most pleasant one mostly because we found him in at his porch playing his nauseating bagpipes. But the rest was pleasant. As I have told you, I can disguise myself. That afternoon Buckey met a young agreeable man who was incredibly interested in how his brilliant bagpipes worked and also what he had done with the respectable Soxsmill’s peanut. I didn’t think he’d give it up so easily.”

“All it takes is a smile and some magic and we can turn the world around!” The old man patted Sorc Veribbad on his back.

The sorcerer returned the smile for the first time.

“Now comes my favourite part of the story- the quest! As it turned out the devil had taken the pains to travel over the Northern Mountains, cross the Valley of Death, sour over the Mystic Lagoon, tour the-”

“BORING!” Ignyor startled Soxsmill.

The sorcerer grunted. “Basically he reached your quarters and fed the Dragon of Brokenjaw my precious peanut for mere sadistic pleasure.”

“And all you had to do was slay him and take your prized possession?” Ignyor asked.

“Precisely. And that is when I entered the dungeon you were imprisoned in.”

“And that is when all the trouble started isn’t it?”

“Well…” He shrugged. “That’s when I met you all chained up. And singing your horribly cringey and provocative song,” Soxsmill murmured.

“Wait what?”

“Never mind”

“Did you say the song? I was just waiting for you to mention it. Let’s sing and be merry. I will teach you.”

“No no no!” The sorcerer said quickly. ” Let’s reserve the good things for later. Where was I? Oh yes, I lost control hearing the lyrics of your mocking song and cursed you to go to hell forever.”

“And then I cursed you the same! Ha ha! But as I have earlier your curse turned out to be a blessing for I get to be the guardian of hell until my rebirth. I will torture my hellmates; err not you of course.” He flashed a smile.

“Very well.” The sorcerer said. “The dragon woke up at the sound of our argument and set fire to the whole place. I managed to escape with Bill. And you-” He quickly paused.

“Yeah I get it.”

“Well, I came to a similar end too. The dragon of Brokenjaw swallowed me up as well. That was painful.”

Ignyor raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t sound right.”

“Fine I’ll tell you what really happened. I slayed the dragon. And got back my treasure. As promised I prepared to rejoin Bill’s fingers. I uttered the magic words and an instrument round and sticky with roles of material appeared in the air. I don’t know if you are familiar with it but men on earth call it cellotape. But something was wrong. For reasons I don’t understand, Bill just stared at me open-eyed with an expression of anger and incredulity.”

“And that’s how you died?”

“And that’s how I died.”

Ignyor burst into fits of laughter.

The End


“I have to go back. I have unfinished business on earth. Can you help?”

“I can’t but I have a feeling you’ll figure it out. As I said, you only need magic and a smile.”

“But I can’t use magic here!”

“Time to teach you my song!”





Hey do you want to hear the song? Maybe next time….

(May be continued)

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