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What should I write?
Do you know?
If you might
Please let me know.
Let me write about myself
Or about my school
Let me write about a house elf
Or a magic pool.
How about a spooky place,
Or a fishy mystery?
How about a tiring chase,
Or a blossom of cherry?
Should I write about a dragon
And a beautiful princess?
Or about a fearful Dragon
And a damsel in distress?
I have millions and millions of thoughts,
But still nothing to write
My mind is full of lots and lots
Of ideas very bright.
So what should I write?
Do you know?
If you might
Please let me know.

13 thoughts on “PILOT”

  1. Write of lonely mountains
    Cloud kingdoms in the sky
    Rock and moss and fountains
    Hill rivers tinkling by

    Write of cooing warblers
    Deep in the shady coves
    Write of secret twitters
    Of sparrows and of doves

    Write of ships and sailors
    Of treasures in the sea
    Write of thorn and flower
    And write of bird and bee

    Write of ancient heroes
    Write of modern tales
    Write of nestling penguins
    And far-faring blue whales

    Write of rains and dewdrops
    And write of you and me
    The world is there behind that door
    And your hand has the key.

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      1. Trust me, as far as talent goes, you are better than me. But that does not matter anyway, when it comes to creating! You create out of love, not ability. Keep writing!


  2. See, you ended in writing a beautiful poem on what to write… A dilemma often comes when writers are not sure what they should write.. It happens sometimes when we have thought of writing on some topic but ended up writing on the other one. This had happened several times with me… 😛

    Well penned… easily relatable with writers…

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    1. Yes!! I can truly understand what you have conveyed! This is why I always write first and then in the end, give a title to my composition 😊 I am glad you could relate to this! Writer to writer! Cheers 🙌✌


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