Thank you!

People have called me a cold person. I have many acquaintances but few friends.

But the ones I make are the best people I have ever met. I am quite choosy and headstrong. But let’s just say I have a good choice, eh?

And so it happened six years ago, that I met the loveliest person I could. She was just the right person at the right time to change how I looked at things. Now people who know me through know that I mean what I say, praise or brash criticism. I am honest when I say that my Bharatanatyam dance teacher is the turning stone in my journey.

Happy birthday ma’am!

These six years just flew by and I enjoyed every single moment. I have had a few teachers before you but none of them are as fabulous as you. And that’s why I will call you my guru. You have not just taught us all Bharatanatyam, but instead how to move the body, mind and soul with dance movements; the art of ‘abhinaya’; stories from mythology and Indian history; effort, consistency, tenacity and the pure passion that springs out of it.

Thank you!

For being there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on, for training me and forgiving my mistakes. You have passed on your passion to me. You have passed on your baton for me to carry forward and I won’t let you down.

What I admire about you the most is your humble and motherly nature. You should take the credit for all your hard work. You always want strict perfection (the arm and leg lines you always talk aboutπŸ€—). Your classes squeeze in room for fun and jokes as well as hardcore training:) I never understand how you maintain your (divine!) calmness and never get stirred or annoyed by anything!

The hardest thing a teacher can teach their students is about themselves. Yes, you have taught me how much I love this dance form. I still have a very long journey to go but I want to continue it with you.

Thank you with sincere gratitude.

Your student


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